painted steps

i'm excited to share with you
a fun and
(not so) little 
side project 
i've been working on

paint the steps

oh my, i know.
here's how it went down

after much trial and error
i decided to make my own stencils

steps before: 
this is the pic i took when we saw 
the house for the first time

my inspiration?
 these beautiful steps
 found on pinterest, of course.


Anchor Cottage said...

Yes you are loving yellow right now, lol. The stairs are super.

robyn donner said...

Such a happy happy space! Thanks for sharing!

Ivy Clad said...

Kate, I absolutely LOVE it. This needs to be featured in a magazine or something Bravo!


Claudia Lane said...

wow Kate, it looks fantastic! you are amazing!
have a great day xo

Dusty Coyote said...

Oh wow oh wow, I love it! I wish I had stairs...that is the coolest!

Ju said...

absolutely gorgeous, great idea & so well done!